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Project Management

Delivering professional project management to our clients

Racon Engineering provides project management for your major projects, ensuring you can focus on other key operations. Providing construction management to ensure that projects are completed following project design, meeting specifications, and providing communication to ensure complete visibility.

Communication is key to ensuring successful project management

Racon Engineering ensures that you are aware of all key aspects of the project. The Project Manager maintains close contact with the site personnel to ensure that the intent of design is properly interpreted. Regular inspection reports and team meetings keep us and our clients informed as to the state of construction.

What can you expect from our Project Management Services

  • To ensure that construction complies with drawings and specifications.
  • Prepare detailed construction schedules of all activities by trade.
  • Keep all parties informed of progress.
  • Monitor quality of work being performed.
  • Ensure all down time to power and other services are scheduled in a timely manner with sign-offs from all impacted parties.
  • To provide instruction to the contractors including recommendations for changes to the design to suit site conditions.
  • To evaluate costs of changes and to furnish supplementary drawings and details as required.
  • To provide communication between various parties involved in the project.
  • At all times, to represent and protect the Owner’s interests in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Review supplier's shop drawings.
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